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Scott Gibbs, Chair

Vocalist, Performer, Community Leader

Diane Griffin 

Visual Artist, Historian w/Accounting Background

Claudette Humphery

Visual Artist and Retired Educator

Rebecca Bruff

Author, Writer

Greg Mauriocourt

History Instructor, Arts & Science Division

Alvesta Robinson

Mather School Librarian

Rufus Pickney

Mather School Alumni

Dr. Renee Smith

Artist and Educator

Katherine Lang

Director, Beaufort History Museum

Gregg Steele Heppner, Executive Director

Media Specialist


The BAC is looking for arts lovers to be a part of our growth! If you're interested in serving on the Board or on Committees of the Board, please send us an email through the following contact form and include the following within the "message":


  • The role in which you're applying for (Board or a Committee Member)

  • Your current occupation

  • Why you would like to be involved in the BAC

  • What you're most looking to contribute as a member of the BAC Board/Committee

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