When you become a member of the Beaufort Arts Council you will be partnering with well-known and emerging artists everywhere. Some of your benefits as a new member will include;

  • Your online artist presence featured with links to your webpage and social media networks, through our site.

  • Participating in online classes as a paid presenter or active learner.

  • Access to our online “Art Shop” (release date coming soon) and virtual gallery on our website which will allow you to market and sell your work.

  • Participating in live, onsite shows through Zoom and other online classes for increase marketing.

  • Participation in juried or selected art shows and events offered by BAC.

  • Performing artists and authors can receive online educational opportunities to market through our online classes and webinars which will be seen live on Facebook and YouTube

  • Use of the BAC logo which can proudly displayed at your studio or business, with a link from our website to give you potentially world -wide exposure!